Low-life Shadow Cascade Bladedancer - Back at it again with more ward and more damage!

Hey guys, I wanted to post a follow-up video to my last build I posted here to show where the build has gone and how far it’s come. I go over just about everything I could think of in the video that I’ll link below, the build planner will be in the description of the video as well. Hope you all enjoy this build as much as I did!

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Interesting build… on the fence as to how well this could work or if its an ideal setup but it definitely looks good enough to mess around with…

I see that your ward settles at about 2850 ish… and drops down to around 700 during play… Your health is at 2100 ish and thats roughly the exact same as your ward variation during play… Playing devils advocate here… Is there any real benefit to going ward? What would happen if you went pure health with Endurance /leech/regen instead of ward?

Tunk labs EHP seems to indicate to me that you could be much tankier going the health/endurance route… And that would open up the ammy, chest & boots gear for other use?

Well, the main benefit to going ward is the Death’s Door passive, the node that inspired both this build and the chakram variant I made earlier. I don’t think the EHP calculator includes the 24% less damage taken part of the passive, and it also gives flat 24% critical strike chance, making it really easy to cap out crit chance on the build. Going life with leech and regen and what not may be more optimal, but I still feel like the ward version is comparable. Plus, it’s just what I wanted to build around.

Ok… So the build is motivated by the Death Door passive like your other build then… I wonder if the theorycrafters on the forum could then improve on the idea while keeping this passive and see how far it could go… Right now my gut is saying that its almost there but I am unsure if its 200+ corruption end game capable - my arbitrary level based on when nice goodies tend to drop :wink: … some people are stricter and aim for 300 when the max uniques drop, but I think thats a little excessive for all but the best builds with BiS gear…

Yea, right now I’m messing around with the idea of dropping life prefixes for cold res and using the gloves that give ward retention when above 75 cold res. Even just swapping a few things around it seems like the way to go, as I was able to get up to 3900 ward with little to no dps loss outside of losing some mana regeneration. I’ll be testing it more later today and probably making a follow up video later, but I’m responding to this while on my work break so it’ll have to wait until later haha

Alright so here’s a short video going over the small changes I made to account for the gloves now being Frostbite Shackles instead of rare gloves, which should have effectively given more than a 50% boots to our ward pool

Thats more like it! Thats an EHP increase of around 2k from the last version… Without losing your DR or DPS… Pity the gloves only really provide that one affix but it made a serious difference… I’d bet what this is now capable of 200+ corruption - at least defence wise… This is turning out to be one of those clever niche builds that I always enjoy seeing…

Can you try some of @Boardman21 build rating criteria - for example, defeat empowered Abomination in less than 10 seconds after the immunity cages are cleared? (Again its arbitrary but it would be good to see how your unique build stacks up to all the other builds on the forum right now)…

Nah I don’t even need to try to tell you that it won’t kill abom in 10 seconds lol. But it can face tank a lot of bosses now which is nice. The only attack so far that I’ve been worried about is Lagon’s sweeping laser, but I can still survive it for a little while. But last night I was able to face tank pretty much all of Rahyeh’s attacks so it’s got that going for it.

Ok well yea I wasn’t able to do empowered abom in 10 seconds, however I did do it at 133 corruption in just about 30 seconds so there’s that!

Less than 30 seconds at 100 corruption makes it an A Tier - so :+1:

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