Low life raptor with up to 500% atk speed


Ever think of building something like with but with ‘on hit’ or ‘on melee hit’ items or skills?

If you could get 7 hits per second…
7 * .4 (from idols to drop an avalanche boulders) * 2 (drop an additional boulder on crit) = 5.6 boulders / second

I’m not sure if there’s enough equipment slots for 100% though…so you might not be able to double every boulder.

Maybe use swipe and add the summon spirit wolves on hit, to get lots of extra dogs too…


I was thinking along these lines and I came up with the solution to run 6 wolves instead of 1 solo pet. 6 pets and you with 3-4-5-600% attacks speed laying down dots… Well things just dissapear

Ya, I can see how that would break … well … every single fight you ever face in the game.

Haha yeah the video will be up.tomorrow

Ive tried this with 200% attack speed and doesn’t even work basically, I also tried it with ‘aftershocks’ and saw none spawn

Better off using Halvar set and getting a boulder 100% of the time on spell crit but that’s not melee…

Yeah the other thing I tried but dont recommend if you actually want to play is the thorn totem on hit idols. At 40% to proc the 5 totems and get 5 poison clouds on hit… Well within seconds you cant see anything but a cloud of green and ypur running at 0-1 fps. But stuff dies

I’m curious as to what Ark Speed is. Is it the number of Arks per second Noah could bash out? Or how many times you boot up Ark: Survival Evolved then think “nah f*** it” & go back to finding a new way to use Plague Bearer?

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Ark speed is attack speed 2.0 since your going so fast you never actually stop 1 attack animation to the next it arks

Oh, arc. Got it. Kinda.

I’ll just fix the typo…

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Please don’t change mate, you’re too awesome (in a nice way, not a sarcastic Englishman way).

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Feels like everything low life works for Primalist right now with how strong Beserker passive is. If you are going anything remotely melee it’s arguably better than life builds which is ridiculous. I hope it get’s balanced in the future.

I think its a fair alternative. Low life beserker higher DPS build is good, but its not the best version of those chars (You cant leech. You cant heal. You cant health regen.) So althought the beserker gives DR and more melee damage, the protections werebear with healing roots can push almost 2x as far in arena

It’s pretty insane amount of damage and mitigation you get for 5 points. It’s not even comparable with any other passive nodes. From my personal experience it’s one of the safest and easiest versions of melee Primalist I have made thus far with little to no investment. I wouldn’t be surprised if a high end geared prot leech build is better but that is how Primalist is supposed to be played; that makes sense. To set all that up actually takes way more effort and gear. Low life takes 5 points and 1 unique and it’s already decent that’s my problem with it and why I think it should be nerfed.

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