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Low Life Marrow Shards .8.2i Build in Progress

Every week I am trying a new build, for this week I decided to try a Low Life Marrow Shards Build. Here is the link to my build planner and a little showcase video. I will update this post with a build guide video once I have completed the build. Let me know what ya think :slight_smile: It is doing really well in Monos so far. We are using Aura of Decay to slow and shred enemy armor and it makes for a really good defensive layer.


Trying the build out. Lot of fun. i’m running it because i found an exsanguinous and really wanted to do a phy damage build. also i like the idea of a good boss killer.

Just as you say, getting good Aoe is a bit of trouble, but rip blood works pretty well. However leveling was a headache. i found spirit plague pretty useful, but the thing that really made leveling easy mode is infernal shade.

The aura of decay is great, but i just started using it and it makes you pretty squishy. i looked at the aura of decay skill tree and it doesn’t really have mitigation.

is it something you want to have on all the time, or is it used depending on the situation ?

edit: i just looked at the video again and aura of decay doesn’t delete your ward. i must be missing something …

The node that turns its poison damage into shredding armor. Then probably add the 12% healing node. Both in Aura of Decay.

oh, i see. i didn’t have it as a skill yet, but now i can.

thank you !

Nice one! I am working on a similar built with a couple of differences. Looking forward to how both turn out.

Is your footage in regular or empowered monolith?

lol. i’m still leveling, i think im about level 40.

feeling a bit squishy because my ward is quite low. i haven’t played a low-life ward-centric toon, that’s another reason i wanted to play this build, so i have a bit of learning curve on how that works. i’m about 400 ward and something like 100 life.

I just realized after looking at exsanginuous description, that the ultimate ward is going to depend on the life pool. so my problem is that i have very low life, only about 500, hence why have 400/100. i looked at the build planner and there isn’t any health on your gear. so how the heck is the ward so high in the video (looks like it’s about 2k) ?

damage is quite good but every once in a while i get a “wtf?” kill. that self-armor shred makes you very susceptible to 1-shots, especially with my too-low ward/life…

The boots stack with the chest for ward generation and having more ward retention will help a lot, but you’re right, normally low life builds stack as much hp as possible. Swapping the endurance suffixes (belt, helm and one of the rings) would help as endurance has no effect no damage taken to ward.

ok. i went into build planner and it says the life of the build is 900, so there’s something off. I suspect that the video build and the build planner build are probably not the same.

Just to be clear you mean swap them for health ?


That’s what I figured :slight_smile:

i’ve got my health up boosted now, and that’s definitely improved things. the build is taking some nodes which provide health in the tree, so that will help too.

it’s amazing how dangerous that armor shred is. my armor , and hence damage mitigation goes negative, so makes for some dicey encounters.
it’s not going to be very realistic to boost armor, so it will be interesting to see how bad that is when i get to monos.

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