Low Life Lich Build - Last Epoch - Patch 0.7.7d


I posted on your youtube channel but I really like the idea of this build. I think whenever the extent of my DrainLife channeling build runs out I’ll probably swap over to this.

Actually, I was dying way too much and a Exsan chest dropped for me so I took it as a sign! Need more pieces but we’ll worry about that once I level the skills up a bit :smiley:

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I have tried this build and yes I must say it very good enjoying currently at Level 49 but damn them cold spikes from spiders and other mobs take you out quick.

Do you mean the charged up cold attack from the floating ice elementals (I think)? They hit very hard & you just need to get out of the way of them.

Very nice build guide ! All those interactions between the skills and passives make it looks so good but i need to find all the uniques first …

The exsanguinous is the main thing you need. Everything else is nice to have. Staff and helmet are definitely worth it. Others you could craft too and be fine :wink:

just drop 2 in a row !?!? so i’ll give it a try :smile:

I was worried about Acolyte defense, but this guide is very helpful.
Thank you very much! :blush:

I have to say, I had to add the belt, Chains of Uleros, (https://www.lastepochtools.com/db/items/UAzBswRgDiA) that makes potions instead gain ward.
When I accidently ran over a potion, it would drop my ward down. Potions become landmines without the belt!

haha nice man, good luck and let me know how it did!

i would basically just never use potions.
I also needed that belt for glancing blow cap, but it’s definitely a nice addition for sure. So many uniques in there though :slight_smile:

yes, ward as defence works really well in my opinion. Just take glancing blow, as that basically halves all incoming damage. Resistances however aren’t an issue.

If you have a lot of ward (say 10k) then getting protections isn’t really worth it. Even 4k protections (which would be a massive amount probably only on a Forge Guard) you’d “only” reduce damage taken by 29%. Which is still quite a lot, but I don’t think you’d get anywhere near that on an Int-based character.

yes, exactly

Thanks for the idea Sirreal, looks like there is enough damage already so i’ll try it or avoid at my best the potions on the ground !!!

Yeah definitly working better with it but it seems the small idols with ward retention are not dropping for me, i only find 3 so far so 8 looks like a long way !

they are rare, true

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