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Low Life Bone Golem Nova Crit Build

Worked on this for a while, 300+ corruption viable, and pretty smooth to play.


Bone Golem


Dread Shade


Bone Curse


Marrow Shard




Passive trees


Weapon: Skeletal scepter with cast speed, minion spell damage, and minion physical damage.
Off hand: Bloodrust Aegis catalyst With minion damage, cast speed, and chance to chill attackers.
Helmet: Ivory Mask with int, +skill levels to bone golem, increased health, and added health.
Chest: Unique Exsanguinous
Boots: Unique Last Steps of the Living
Rings: Coral Rings with intelligence, and added health.
Gloves: Noble gloves with cast speed, int, added health, and hybrid health
Relic: Putrid Souls with cast speed, minion health, fraility on hit, and added health
Belt: any will do with minion health, minion damage, increased health, and hybrid health.
Amulet: Either the unique Death Rattle or a brass amulet with increased minion health, minion damage, added health, and fraility on hit.
idols: two huge idols with increasaed ward retention, and the rest a mix of stout idols with double health rolls.


The Black sun timeline: Grand Memory of life - added health
Ending the storm timeline: Grand Resonance of the sea- ward per second
Reign of dragon timeline : Grand Virtue of Command - % all to minion resistances
Age of Winter timeline: Grand Heart of Ice - % chance to chill enemies on hit.
Spirits of fire timeline: Grand spirit of Command - %increased minion damage

TL;DR Cast dread shade, and bone curse on your golem, and hit it with very fast attacking marrow shards that hits your bone golem, pierces through your golem, and enemies, applying DR debuff, CC, and damage to all nearby enemies with a massive amount of bone golem nova projectiles. Use transplant for mobility, positioning, and executing enemies.


go to last epoch tools and make a build planner to link…

I’ve been theory crafting this build as well, but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Overall, Good start you have.

There’s no need for a planner, he listed every possible bit of important information. If you want a planner you can easily take this information and pop it into the planner yourself.

Looks awesome man, thanks for posting it. I’ll give it a try after I give Dark’s Wraith build a try.

This build is old as fk, I played this build over 1.5 years ago

Abomination is better in almost everyway though so I wouldnt recommend it nowadays

maybe if EHG added a unique: 'When you cast Rip Blood/Marrow Shards on your golem, the attack repeats every 0.5s until your Golem dies or is unsummoned"

So one cast = infinite loop of Novas. of course will never happen, fun to dream

Putting it in a planner is much easier, the user can then play around with it and see what’s different with changes to gear/passives/etc. All the OP would have to do is to select the “upload” button on the planner rather than flip back & forth between this page & the planner.

I agree and understand the reasoning but also it’s just as valid to say “all the reader would have to do is open up the planner and use the details given in the post to make their own” both are just as easy, so I’d side on whatever the OP is comfortable doing themselves.

If you can enter all of the info on a build in 3-4 clicks, I’m missing something… I’m just saying that it takes substantially fewer clicks for the build creator to share a build via the build planner than for a random user to enter it all into the build planner.

Not 3-4, maybe 30? Haven’t counted recently, it takes all of about 10minutes to set up yourself. Which is no time at all. If someone knows well enough to ask for a planner so they can play around with a build, they should know well enough how to input the info listed here. It’s a matter of laziness at the end of the day.

If only people who posted builds could also play the game for us too, that would be way easier :joy:

Took me exactly 4 minutes.


That’s genuinely impressive, would have taken me at least 10.

Thanks, I was curious. Compared to, what, 5 seconds if you have the save file to upload?

Well, I did cheat a tiny bit, cause I started on a different Bone Golem build I had saved, and edited it. Was faster than going from scratch. Probably saved a few minutes.

I was just trying to make a useful “for everyone” suggestion. Like if he makes changes to the build he has to upload all new pictures and then people have to find them in the comments etc…so relax Kohtas

:joy: 5chars