Low health Lich bd with very ridiculous damage / clear speed and good defence

Hello everyone I want to share to you my low health Lich bd
I can use this bd clear 100lv MoF in 1~2 inutes and kill lv 100 corruption boss with few second (3-5s) and most non-empowered timeline boss as same

And all of this only need T5 affix equipment.If you get right T7 affix equipment can kill empowered timeline boss in 10~15s I guess
I get 100 all res and 60% endurence with basiclly in Reaper Form all the time.So you can get another life
Im chinese and is time to going to sleep right.So sorry just two video to show you the bd right now.
If someone interesting in this bd.Please let me know.I will try to make a video to show how to build this.
Build planner is here : Lich, Level 92 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner


Build planner please!

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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to the build planner

I have tried to put something similar together and cannot for the life of me figure out how to make Rip Blood/Splatter do any decent damage. Hungering Souls from itself and auto-cast from Death Seal does quite nice DPS though.

I look forward to figuring out what I am missing :smiley:

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Rip Blood
100% Blood splatter

Bone Curse
illusion of pain and crimson enlightenment and cursed limbs
illusion of pain make every minion hit a cursed enemy will trigger 100% crit bone cursed and make it fall-out
Then bone curse fall-out will trigger the Rip blood.Rip blood will cast with Blood splatter , then blood splatter will trigger bone curse because cursed limbs
So basically in last 5s you cast bone curse , every hit to cursed enemy with your minion will do bone curse and rip blood once(But hit form yourself cant trigger illusion of pain)

I have another spec bd with RIP BLOOD/BONE CURSE/SUMMEN VOLATILE ZOMBIE(with node can summon 5 zombie and 10 worm in 4s).With Infused Frenzy(Rip node to give minion 30% attack speed) and another equipment its can trigger RIP BLOOD and BONE CURSE and sherd 50+ times in 1 second
Its a boss slayer but clear speed is too awful because minion AI is not very good

Depends how many minions you have hitting the target. Since Illusion of Pain reduces the number of hits before Bone Curse gets “used up” to 1, if you have more than 1 minion hitting the target inbetween your Rip Blood/blood splatters then the target won’t have a Bone Curse on it.

Additionally, some time ago they changed how Illusion of Pain works so that the auto crit only happens if you manually cast Bone Curse, though I’ve not tested that since they made the change.

This is a bug, the Rip Blood cast by the Crimson Enlightenment node should only be proccing if the Bone Curse is timed out rather than being “consumed” by it only having 1 stack max & the target being hit by a minion.

As my test looks like Illusion of Pain not be fixed.I unequip my weapon to get 16% crit and every hit with minion get a yellow crit damage

If Crimson Enlightenment work like this is a bug, maybe developer need rework the skill tree about this. 8 second to trigger rip blood once is worthless for the time and skill point.I try to make it work with Swift Release but only necromancer can used this node because curse self in Lich BD will make any ——I mean , really , anyone of all—— hit will kill my charactor immediately.
So if this node work as a bug . I cant find a way to make it to be useful when it fixed

That makes a huge difference. Interesting playstyle for sure. Now to get some actual defenses to avoid death. :smiley:

How good is this build for SSF? I am wanting to start a fresh SSF just for fun and love trying new builds, is this doable as SSF?

Would love a video to show how to build this :slight_smile:
Great toon !

Here are some screenshots of how I built it myself. Of course not 100% original author.

In terms of equipment, I treat this as a “hit”-based gameplay so plus to

  • Spell critical strike
  • Necrotic damage
  • Crit multi
    …is where I focused. I started at lvl 95 or so, and found out quick how badly I needed defenses now that I am not playing the poison wanderer. So with that I cannot give you stats to best look for as I’m not there yet.

Idols, I grabbed 4x of these:

I wish you well on your journey.

I dont have any spec unique so it should be doable as SSF
But this bd base on least lv11 dead seal to get the damage. so maybe not good with fresh charactor , I suggest use bone curse(with bone prison/shattered prison)/sacrifice/summon skeleton(with all max number and immortal node)to level up and turn to this bd at lv40-lv50
Of course this bd still can be play in Lv4 dead seal to get auto-fire hungering soul with good single target damage , but I think low damage should not be this BD feeling lol

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I build defenses by 100 all res/60% damage reduction by endurence with 33% HP/800 armor ≈ 15% damage reduction/10 ward with crit(keep 300-1000 in reaper form and cant work in death seal) or 33% damage reduction with death seal

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I’m curious as to what “bd” means, since it doesn’t mean bladedancer.

I wonder if it means “build”, I’ve seen it in grim dawn forums also but never thought to ask lol

Can you upload your item filter?

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lol yes it is “build”. In China we use “bd” word

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I can’t edit my post so I paste the build intro at here


Hello everyone . I am imusiyus . And this is a guide to show how to build my low health lich character

So let us talk a little overview about this build.

This build get lots damage by when get into low health and transformed . The most damage increased by death seal get 66% more damage and 66% increased damage . Then bone curse and rip blood get 12% kill threshold and area of effect damage .

Defense build by 100 all resistance and a few armor to get 15% damage reduction . Then 10% damage reduction by bone armor by killing enemy . Because we use Death Seal with DEADLOCK to limit HP at 33% . We take 60% endurance and raise the endurance threshold up to 33% of max HP . And also we can get 33% damage reduction by Dead Seal with DEADLOCK .

Another thing is recovery . Not like other Build . In this Build I don’t want any stun avoid . Because I want use LICH passive tree volatile blood to tigger Wave of blood spell to make more hit and leech

And if you get T7 hungering soul helmet . I suggest you turn to fire damage type to get 50% more damage . That will make kill 100 level timeline boss in 10 second is possible.

First of all . This build don’t need spec unique equipment but need right affix to get enough skill point .

Second thing is please follow all my skill and passive tree set to get right . There is some mechanic is binding . Yes This build is not all-perfect . And you can change and improve this build , But if you don’t get all key point . It will lose some offence and defense ability or make this build not work.


I ususally used two set of my skill to boss or map clearing

Transplant/Reaper Form/Bone Curse/Death Seal/Rip Blood for monolith of fate

Summon skeleton/Reaper Form/Bone Curse/Death Seal/Hungering Soul for timeline boss

Transplant and Summon skeleton is not Specialized

Reaper Form

Reaper Form specialize most important node is get 50% critical damage multiple

Then get swift harbinger to reduce Reaper Form cooldown

Next is Blood tethers . This node use to work with volatile blood passive to get auto-counter spell to keep good health when you be hit

Dark harvest for get 18% kill threshold is important to kill timeline boss with one death seal

haunting for mark of death . With some trick we hit 10 times in 1 second so 5% is enough for most situation

Rip blood

Rip blood don’t need say too much . Rip sprit to change damage type to necrotic and very good visual

Blood catalyst for auto cast

And all blood splatter chance/blood splatter area

Because RIP blood use to against normal and elite mobs , we don’t need this can deal huge damage to boss , so blood splatter is just enough

Bone Curse

The most important spell to make all mechanic running.

First of all we get crimson enlighten to get ability that when Bone Curse fall-out it will trigger RIP Blood

Then ruptured corpse to make great mobs killing speed

With entreat the damned we can keep three minion in the whole game that very important with Hungering soul

Cursed limbs with Illusion of pain and crimson enlighten will work together to make multi bone curse and RIP blood to kill many mobs in 1 second

Hungering Soul

A wonderful single target destroyer . A monster spell can dealvery ridiculous damage to boss .

Take Isolation node get 100% more damage . Then Great Soul for another 100% more . Then Grave Bond for 60% more. Then unholy trinity for 150% more.

So we get 1600% more damage with this spell but will huge mana cost . So we don’t cost mana . Use Death seal to tigger this spell.

piecing gaze give lots of base critical chance and hungering eye for 60% critical damage multiple

With unread scroll offhand we can get 100% critical chance with hungering soul

Death Seal

Our shatter engine . Simple give we 66% more damage and 66% increased damage .

Get Insatiable Soul for 3 auto-hungering soul in 1 second.

Get deadlock to get 66% more damage and 66% increased damage and 33% damage reduction.

The Qucik and the Dead to get 8 second haste

Last 2 point you can decide to grim scale for 10% mana regeneration or corrupted consciousness to get 132% increased damage.


I suggest use siphon of anguish ring and stymied fate boot , these can give lots damage/transplant cooldown and easy farm from corruption boss

Weapon choose any high spell base damage and increased critical damage multiple

off-hand is binding unread scroll to get 6% base critical damage chance .

Idol all we need is increased damage while transformed . and increased spell damage while at low health

Gambling engraved gauntlets and immortal plate to get 30% endurance

Then take resistance affix to get 100 all resistance . One T5 endurance for all 60% endurance.

I dont have any critical avoidance just because I am too lazy to replace my equipment . With set affix and resistance in pissive tree . There is enough room to get 100% critical avoidance


There is a boss statter spec change if anyone interested
Change to this setting is not good as my first post build . In this build you will lose health very fast and feel few weak to be killed . But its the greatest boss killing machine I ever played . So I think it worth a shot .

I have 20% cast speed so this dps should be 427k/1.2=356k , and it auto cast three times in one second and manually cast 1.2 times in 1 second , so the true tooltips dps is 356k*(3+1.2)=1495k

Here is my build planner right now : Lich, Level 94 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
I got a T7 hungering soul helmet so I change some skill point.
I remove all Volatile Blood in Lich tree and Crismon Gulottony , and throw the passive point to lose health such as Mind over body/Crippling Insight to make my health as low as possible . Make death seal give nearly 90% more and 150% increased damage in one spell so make it can kill empowered timeline boss fast as non-empowered