Lotus Halls pacing

Hello EHG! I’ve been enjoying leveling in 0.9. Every time I’m cruising along on a new character though, I keep coming to the Lotus Halls and I feel like my progress comes to a halt while I have to walk back and forth in a huge map to get the two crystals.

I’ve come to terms with the size of the map and the backtracking, it’s not so bad if I rush it, even if that’s not something I normally enjoy. One thing I really wish however was that the whispering from the Emperor’s Remains triggered when I came back to the Ruined Era after grabbing each crystal.

I enjoy ominious disembodied voices and boss buildup, it’s a really cool way to close out the game’s first arc. I tend to forget that there was any whispering at all however since it’s such a long break between entering the Lotus Halls and crossing it twice to get the crystals.

Triggering the dialogue on getting a crystal would put it closer to the followup dialogue in the following area, and it would add to the sense of dread if you felt like you were messing with something you shouldn’t, and potentially unleashing something evil that was sealed away. It better ties the act of restoring the bridge to the encounter with the Emperor’s Remains, rather than having it feel like busywork.


Agreed, that one room takes way too long. I do feel that the Temple of Eterra section drags on a lot, especially that room.

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Before this patch I felt it worked really nicely, because it showed off the time travel thign a bit more. However that visual itself had problems, so its understandable its gone, but now this part of the game has very little feel to it, you just instantly teleport time, click on another thing, and go back.

This makes the running around, and waypointing if zooming, feel a bit mediocre, and at worst just irritating, because it doesnt feel like theres a justification in the world for it. Needs more weight imo.

In offline mode I still get the cool “Doctor Who Style” time spiral. I know it was controversial, but I like it.

While you do have to explore most of the map, there is no backtracking. Just portal back to the entrance when you get your second crystal instead of walking all the way.

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