Lotus Halls - Camera Zoom

The area of Lotus Halls has several locations where the Camera view is being obstructed by the tall walls. The Autozoom feature that not working or an improper clip is made for these tall objects.

Update: I was able to get a screenshot of one of the locations that the camera zoom is affected the most. https://imgur.com/YIj2PD9 This is close to the bridge stone locations heading to the right hand portion of the map. This is just one of several locations all over the area. There are just too many to document. Maybe a level-designer can run through with the camera at full extents.

I enjoy the game, but…
The camera is really too close of the character.
In Grim Dawn the camera is basically better, but with “Grim internal” wich integrate the Grim Cam dll to tweak camera angle and fov it’s just perfect. Just wait a rework of the camera to intall Last Epoch again.

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