Lotus Hall Improvement

In Lotus Hall when you get the shards, the portal back to the zone puts you back where you were. Can we have that portal back from getting the shards just put us at the teleport pad. Right now, I would guess that most people teleport to town and then to the zones teleport pad, because having to back track in the zone isn’t fun and is way slower.

Do what us vets do.
Teleport to the previous zone, then teleport back to Lotus hall Waypoint. Ta da!

You’re welcome.

Exactly, they should just make the portal back from the shards take you to the teleport pad, people skip the run anyways. Also, by going to other zones its going to use extra server resources, so its in their interest to just make the portal take you to where people want to go.

I thought “us vets” just got a lift to the end of time & skipped that entirely?

I don’t backtrack. I keep going forward then turn left and voila - another shard. After picking the second shard I tp to town.

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