Lot of Online Bug

Ok, where to start?

  1. So online you can change your gold with cheat engine and stick it to 50000 exemple and buy everything to the seller. After you take the portal and do it again. Because the merchant got items again in is inventory. And You still have all the gold. And you can put all the items in your inventory chest.

  2. You can go on a chest room and loot everything take a portal. Go back on the portal and loot the chest again. So infini items…

  3. Same thing for the life I can put my life to 304/304 and check the variable on cheat engine and I cannot die. I think you need to change the anti cheat you got.

I send video to CEO of your compagny dont have recive a responses. Thank you best regards. If you need more help tell me I dont thing I will play the game alot so you can ban me if you want.

I think your talking about offline. Online this isnt possible, its server authenticated.

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