Lost with no quests!

So last night before logging off, I completed the Power of Mastery quest. I logged off right after getting the mastery.

Fast forward to today, I log on, with no quests, and spawned away from the original quest giver. So I have no clue what I’m supposed to do.

It took 30 minutes of running around and asking in chat for someone to suggest checking at the End of Time. I had to talk to the guy, standing between two pillars, in the upper floating platform. He then opened a portal to the Imperial Era.

I think there should be a quest that tells you to talk to this guy, instead of leaving the player with no sense of direction.

In my first playthrough, it was obvious that I had to talk to him. But for someone who logs off right after completing The Power of Mastery, they may be left stranded like me.

I hope this was descriptive enough. I’m happy to clarify if there is any confusion.


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In the “End Of Time” up stairs, where you were going through the portal to get your mastery.

There are 2 npc’s (left one is the Forgotten Knight and the right one is Elder Gaspar).

You need to talk to Elder Gaspar and he opens you a portal to the next Era.

And in the Imperial Era in the Outcasts camp you should get more quests.

Maybe you also need to talk to the Forgotten Knight first to “complete” the mastery quest.

The player should never be left without a quest though.


I probably skipped tofast over his post, i thought this was supposed to be a thread asking for help, but instead he wanted to give feedback :smiley:

I absolutely agree, that there should be always a quest active guiding you to the next quest.

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Thanks for your opinions. I think they need to add a quest, even for something as simple as taking a few steps to go to a neighboring NPC.

I was so lost, I really thought it was a bug that prevented me from progressing.

I see few reasons not to add this little fix, hopefully the devs share the same opinion.

Thanks again for your input.

They just need to have a pointer to Gaspar that triggers on completing the mastery quest until you pick up the next part in the Imperial era.

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Yep this.
The first reply in this thread seems not to get that there are NO quests in your log and you’re teleported near the portal in EoT after you complete the class quest and log off & re-log.

Quest journal should be updated regardless to give players a hint what to do next.

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