Lost Skill points when respecing?

Hey All,

my character is currently lvl 30, i decided to respec all my skill, I had 3 slots open for skill. before I think i had like 5-11 points in each but after reset I only see 5/5/5 available? is this right? thanks.

Yes, as you level up you get more minimum levels so when you respec you have more available points.
It should also be noted that even though you only have 5 skill points now, they have accelerated XP, so you should get back to level 11 pretty fast.

On the whole, it’s not a big issue, because you can still clear the campaign with those points and you’ll get the rest back pretty fast. It’s just an initial perception issue. Don’t worry about respeccing them more often. They do level up a lot faster.

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Just remember not to respec all of your skills at the same time if possible. It doesn’t hurt too bad at low levels, which you are still at, but at higher levels it can hurt a little more.

I’ve actually done that a few times and it wasn’t a big issue. A couple monos were enough to get them up and running again at lvl 18 or so. Even with just 10-11 minimum levels, skills are effective enough.

EDIT: though, of course, if you stagger the respecs, it’s a lot easier.

Yeah, I didn’t say it was a major issue just that it can hurt a little more. If you’re doing 400 corruption and respec all your skills at the same time and jump right back in before they relevel, this is where it might hurt a little.

Yes, they will level quick enough but you will feel it.

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Ok, thanks a lot! very helpful.