Lost Progress

I was leveling my necro today, went from level 41 to 46 and decided to take a break and switch to a rogue to try out the gameplay. I logged back into my necro so I could transfer over some boots I had and realized I had lost the last 2 hors or so of gameplay. Very frustrating but wanted to let it be known since I never left the game and had this happen, everything I have read has been when someone left the game.

Hi there - welcome to the forums - that sucks to hear mate

a message from EHG helpers on Discord says:

If you are experiencing any Log-in, Lag, Disconnect or Rollback issues please report this to our Support Team here : https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Pick ‘Technical Issues’ from the drop down and provide your:

  • Display Name
  • Character Name
  • Date & Time you noticed the loss (with your time zone or UTC)
  • What type of data was lost
  • How much gameplay time was lost

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