Lost progress

just lost progress from last 5h of playing…new gear, blessings and xp. can U please look in to that

Yeah, this happened to me aswell, just about a hour ago, i got disconnected and then the progress i made today was lost.

just wiped my progress as well ~3h

Just had the same thing happen to me, got some great items as well. Hope they give us back our items that we farmed

BlockquoteUpdate: We wanted to update players on an issue that happened around 3am CST. We got confirmation from our server host that there was a critical hardware failure in the Frankfurt region that caused a number of rollbacks and data loss. We do apologize for the headache, and are working with the provider to ensure that the problem can be resolved and prevented in the future.
Thank You,
Last Epoch Team

This is an early access and anyone who buys this game is aware that these things can happen.
They won’t return any items and that’s fine with me.
By purchasing this game, I am showing support to the developers in the hope that I will have a fun game to play for thousands of hours.

Roll back like that is hard pill to swallow but I’m looking at bigger picture.
peace :wink: