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Lost Memory Speculation (Image inside)

I am not a C.T.
But (I am bored)
This is personal pure speculation.
I made this.

Also, Hi!


In very short, I hope Lost Memeories will be something very similar to blessings, with very limited slots (maybe only 1 slots?), but plenty of potential choices.

But with way more build/playstyle-defining effects.

Very similar to some affixes on Uniques items, but maybe with a little bit broader application.

Thing of it like a “Archtypes”

For Example the Void things you used in your example: “All void spells gain X effect”. This would not be class specific, but a lot of classes could benefit from this way more than others.

The necrotic teal skull thing could be something like: All non-necrotic spell and melee damage (on gear) gets converted to necrotic damage at a reduced rate. Deal less non-necrotic damage. Gain X Buff for each necrotic skill used recently.

Or Gold Ingot would be something like: “%inc. gold and item rarity and extra damage per gold you collected in the last few minutes” for a “fast farmer playstyle”

Obviously this is just some very broad ideas without numbers. But Idefinitely would like to see some more build defining things.

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Apparently blessings have been coded as items. So when they say “certain items”, they may not mean actual items as the rest of us think of them.