Lost Immense amount of monolith progression with no explanation

Hey, i guess im here for an explanation if possible because im left jaw dropping.

I played some in the morning leaving my monolith fall of the outcast progression at 180 monoliths cleared, i come back at night to play starting at Echo 40 flat with the opption of doing an older mission echo instead of the Abomination quest which has been present at the left side for the last 170 echoes or so.

is there a bug when the same mission echo is avalable in “The last Ruin” lvl 100 monoliths? cus i know iv done some other monoliths also… dunno if that info matters
Anyone know what could have happend?
Cus there hasnt been a patch either so i got nothing…
Aight thx

I believe that’s a bug. It was mentioned to the devs a while ago.

I guess thats that for me… comming back when the game is done.