"Lost Connection" Error Message after entering new Zone

Good evening,
played this game for several months without any problems (but I had a break for several weeks). Now my mates bought it and we are a party of four people and whenever we enter a new zone a random party member gets this message and a disconnect, sometimes even several times in a row. I looked into the forums and found a few posts even dating back to february '23 but I didn’t find a solution. We asked the players in game and it seems to be a common problem. I am posting the previous player log for more insight. Hope the devs will try to fix this soon. I cannot imagine what a huge setback this must be in view of the lauch coming week.

Player-prev.log (2.9 MB)

Hey mate. I’m one of those ppl who posted about this issue. It sucks that they’re not doing much about it buuuuuut…

I know it will sounds silly. However it helped me quite a bit so perhaps you can benefit from this as well if you are hyped about playing 1.0 ;p

Typically I play using cable internet connection BUT … for this game I tried to make a proxy router from my phone ( I connected it to my home wifi, then linked it via usb to pc and enabled internet sharing over the cable. I disconnected original internet cable from pc ofc ;p)

And for whatever stupid reason it’s better. I was able to play for 2hrs without dc while previously I was being kicked every 5 mins. Feel free to either try it or ignore my msg all together and wait for official fix. I lost my hopes, tho…

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