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Lost Ark Online

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but frankly I’ve been really underwhelmed trying out the current “Closed Beta” release. I find myself comparing everything to Last Epoch, and it pretty much loses in every category. It feels like a really old game to me - and in fact I can tell it’s running based on some really old games (Guardians of Ember and Runes of Magic I think were the titles). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but LE just feels so much more fresh and modern in comparison.

Yes, I realize it’s an unfair comparison in many ways, because it does attempt to create a true "“MMO-ARPG” where players can interact (and kill mobs) in open areas. The question is whether that type of environment really adds much to a game like this. Conceptually I like this kind of feature, but it doesn’t feel like it really stands out in Lost Ark.

Wondering if anyone has played Lost Ark deeper into the game. In all fairness I haven’t spent much time with it.

Lost Ark is in a really weird spot, caused by the community itself IMO.

It does not even try to be an aRPG, but still people talk about things like Diablo and other Isometric Hack 'n Slash games all the time, when comparing the game.
A lot of the “gaming journalism” does clickbaity titles like “The MMO Diablo you ever wanted” etc, evne though this is hadly true at all.
It does not even try to be something like that.

First and foremost it’s a almost traditional MMO.
It only does have some minor traits (mainly the camera perspective) of a traditional aRPG.

For me personaly, the only thing that makes this game stand out, is the variety in classes and a skillbased action combat.
I absolutely despise the asia-aesthetics though.

All these asia games have a very generic aesthetic, that is very repalceable.

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Lost Ark is pretty solid from my point of view and merges MMO and hack and slay well. The problem is these two genres don’t work well togheter.

No matter how I look at it it could’ve been a better hack and slay or a better MMO :D. At the end of the day it don’t matter. I played it to see the new prologue and instantly face palmed because they ruined the ecperience that bonds you with your class from my point of view.

I have a VERY bad feeling for Lost Ark after New World and after AGS pushing for needles changes and waste a shitload of time. On the other hand almost all P2W stuff is out of the shop and we are in pay to progress faster branch now, what is still P2W but who needs this discussion anyway.

Lost Ark simply meets sweet spot Last Epoch never can fill and that’s the MMO approach to the game. As I said above it’s nothing groundbreaking but the whole dungeon concepts and the upcoming raids are something I always wanted since Marvel Heroes and boy oh boy it will be (most likely) even better.

If you don’t take the scripted scenes they made promotions with into consideration Lost Ark is a pretty good game overall while it holds back in other departments and will never be an indepth MMo nor H&S. That’s just my 2 cents.

Then again a game that old isn’t able to put partymembers in the same channel :D. I laughed hard xD.

It’s looks, plays and feels like a mobile p2w game, i would rather compare it to the Dungeon Hunter series.

From what I understand, it’s an MMO that happens to have an isometric camera view with perhaps some lighter aRPG combat elements. I don’t plan to play it personally as I am just not that interested in it. But I feel like a lot of these expectations and comparisons are generated by the community rather than the developers. Though that’s not say the developers aren’t doing a lot to temper expectations as it’s free publicity

I played it for 1 day and deleted it. It was bash skills till CDs expired. Have no use for that type of game

Kinda curious, but how do you see that as being different from ARPGs?

ARPGs are pretty much the definition of bash skills till CDs/resources expire gameplay.

Yea but it was missing something. While I was playing the way they had u do the skills was very complicated for me to get use to hold r and 1 of the 4 other buttons then r2 with the other 4 buttons so u had 8 skills u randomly used. Last epoch is simpler I guess.

I guess it feels more streamlined a purpose to use x skill or use x skill for different situations.

I think companies are trying to get to cute on gameplay

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See I feel games that dont require you to repeatedly use 1-5 on a loop rotation and instead just spam one attack/movement skill is actually better and way more involving because the game mechanics of the ‘1-5 spam’ games are always so basic

Its as if the devs assume because you are doing 1-5 every ‘x’ seconds you couldnt possibly be able to focus on anything else so the combat is boring and uneventful

Diablo 3 wasnt too bad and actually had decent combat

Grim Dawn a robot could play it just macroing skills without a thought.

PoE still is vastly better, almost too much going on at once there but at the same time dont have to manage boring CDR or mana. I can focus on the monster’s attemping to kill me, not having the highes threat to my existence my mana running out for a moment

Well, I hope it will be a rather great game when finally releasing. Since I´m planning on buying it for Xmas.

I haven’t tried Lost Ark yet, but I am looking forward to it.
I did get a closed beta invite but I was too busy trying New World (which sucks) and Last Epoch (which rocks).

PS: shouldn’t this thread be in “Off-topic”?

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