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Lost All Skill Points When Despecializing

Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I hit level 9 on mage, assigned glacier to my second slot for speccing, noticed I only had 1 point to place in it, so I wanted to use glacier for the first slot for more points. I despecced slot 2(glacier) despecced slot 1(Lightning Blast) and placed glacier in slot 1.
Now both Slot 1 and Slot 2 have 0 skill points in the tree and only have 1 to use for each of them.

Unable to upload log as I’m a new user, but I went through and didn’t find anything glaring about abilities or spells.

Restarting the client and going to mainmenu did not fix the problem.
I am playing a Deathless Solo Mage (level 9) if that makes a difference.

This is not a bug.

I see, you are supposed to lose the points if you despec? Is there anyway to reobtain them like resetting your mastery points?

I see my misunderstanding, I assumed the skill points were a collection of points.
I now see that you use the ability to level up and then gain points for that ability.
If you remove it, you lose the progress. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks for the quick response!

Currently you lose all specialization points if you despecialize, and there’s no way of reversing that - though you can expect to gain skill points more rapidly than previously, and you’ll still earn skill points until you reach the cap (20 points for each skill tree).

I should probably clarify that we intend on making substantial changes to this in future, but while we don’t want to punish people for experimenting at low levels, we do want people to invest into a build and there’ll always be some kind of drawback to making changes later.

As this isn’t a bug I’m going to move the thread.

You may close the thread if you’d like. Sorry for the inconvenience. I understand the system that is in place now. Thanks again.

I’ll close the thread if you’d like me to; that isn’t a problem.

Though if the community want to weigh in with their own thoughts on despecializing, I’m certainly not opposed to that. It’s up to you, really. :slight_smile:

I just feel silly for falsely reporting a bug :sweat_smile: at some point maybe I’ll make a new thread about thoughts on despecializing though :slight_smile:

I did find it wasn’t obvious how despecialising work too. Like, I didn’t dare to spec into skills which I didn’t think would make it as part of my final build because I wasn’t sure how respec would work. Maybe some kind of tutorial or tutorial quest on despec/respec might be useful.

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If to be honest I’d prefer to switch specialization freely. It’s not a big problem with current system but it would be more obvious and comfortable to save skill tree’s state between switches. Also it would be much easier to try different builds or test new skills in the future. Yes, it’s beginner’s problems mostly but… honestly, I’d prefer … :slight_smile:

We’ll definitely have much better tutorialization at release - at the moment it’s difficult to justify the time due to how significant changes can be during development. If we had spent time on tutorials for the Passive Grid system, or more recently how Potions work, then we would have had to redo them as we continue to iterate on our design choices.

That said, it’s possible some more tutorial elements will be available prior to beta.

While we do plan on making significant changes in this area, we’re unlikely to offer free changes to skill specializations - if we did, it will only be up to a certain character level.

Do you reckon a skill planner would be enough for this?

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Hmm, that’s always a good solution, indeed. Why didn’t I think about it first? :blush:

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A skill planner would help, but why not allow someone to de-specialize like 1-3 times without losing the points? Kind of like how D2 allows you to reset your skills 3 times from doing The Den of Evil quest. I feel like this would help new players who might make a mistake along the way.

I think there definitely has to be an option to re-skill.
even though i am a clear opponent of a total simplification of games, you should keep in mind that not everyone is able to look at the whole class from the beginning and to guess from experience, which way will suit him best.
the fact that one character possesses four talent trees and corresponding skills makes it much more difficult to presuppose this experience.
Training a skill on a new one every time will scare off many casual players.
However, it should not be easy to exchange the whole character.

so i’m thinking of a system that gets more expensive the more the skill or the skilltree has to be changed. i’ll simplify it a bit.
if you want to change 1-5 skill points because, for example, you went over physical damage in the beginning, but later go to cold damage and become 5 points completely useless, you have to pay 500 gold. 100g/skill point.
another 5 points will be doubled etc.

you have to find a balance between the time it takes to level a completely new character and the effort to skill a completely new character.
as a good example i can name Path of Exile. here it is not possible for most players to skill completely new. the required materials are expensive. 90-95% starting a new character.
The option isn’t bad in itself, but we have to consider that we have five classes with three subclasses each. do we really want to have 20 characters and start new ones each time we think about a new way of playing? I don’t think so.
you should also keep in mind that many builds will only make sense if you can wear the appropriate equipment which in turn requires a certain level.
most of them will play one or two characters, some maybe three or four.

Translated with DeepL because i was boring…if there are any translation issues, feel free to hit me up.

I think the despecialization option is nice. If you want a ‘free’ full reset, then you have to re-level the skill the whole way.

However it’s very frustrating when you’re experimenting that there are no other options. If you just put a point somewhere, and realize it doesn’t pay off, you should be able to re-allocate without losing levels. Or by losing just the levels required to re-allocate. Or by paying a substantial fee in gold/xp/whatever.

I also think about some “try-build-room” where you’re able to setup your skills / passives freely and try your build with dummies at least. I believe devs should have one :smile:

I feel the first despec should be free or 50g and each time you have to do despec the cost goes up.

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