Lost all my stash, money and crafting materials after crash

Sorry, I made the mistake of restarting the game again, so I don’t have the relevant log file of the crash.

But what happened was, maybe 90 minutes after 0.9 was released, I was lucky to enter the game online with basically no problems and managed to play it for about 6 hours. I was alt-tabbed for a little bit and when I came back, the game was fine for a while and then it started to lag a little bit and it suddenly crashed.

I managed to login again, with no problems and played for a little while, but when I went to craft something all my shards were gone, as well as all my money (I only had the shards and money I acquired after the crash). I went to check my stash and the uniques I had stored there were gone as well, so I assume I lost everything I had on the online except stuff associated with my character, which still had its own gear and skills and the quests completed.

I hope you can debug what the problem is! Again, I’m really sorry about the log; I tried restarting the client after I noticed everything was gone and I didn’t know at the time that that was going to overwrite the relevant log.


got exactly the same problem here. Was crafting some item, crashed, logged in again and all my stash, craft mats and gold are gone. Only equipped items and some loot in inventory left.
Offline characters are fine.

Having this same issue. Entire stash, all crafting materials, all gold is gone

I also had this problem but did not crash, I was AFK in town for 30+ min and upon return said items were missing.
output_log.txt (151.6 KB)
Player.log (412.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (22.0 KB)

Encountered the same issue without the crashing. I logged out around a few hours due to IRL stuff. then I tried logging in on my steamdeck before logging in back to my pc again.
Player-prev.log (155.5 KB)

Same problem for me.
Stash tabs, gold, crafting shards, all gone.
The character level didn’t change, no rollback.
Unfortunately i don’t have a log file, cause i restarted the game multiple times.
Didn’t know that this overwrites the log file.

me too, lose all my gold and items in stash and craft materials.

i played 10hrs from server start… after logout in the morning … start the game 6 hours later… items was deleted

Same happened to me.

Stash inventory, crafting materials and gold all gone after logging in today.

Same happened here… all gone.
No point of playing game yet if this happens.

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+1 Same issue here, really sucks

Don’t know if it’s relevant but I pressed “Exit to desktop” when closing the game, again, not sure if that would cause the issue

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    I leveled to 34 yesterday, decided to go off for the night, closed game trough exit to desktop. Logged in today, i have no mats or gold, levels stayed the same.
    My stash is completely gone.
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Oh man, i have the same problem. I hope this will get fixed :frowning:

Same Issue, logged off for the night and lost my stash, inventory crafting mats and gold. Only the stuff i have equipped isn’t gone.

Same here. Logged off last night through normal exit procedure, all crafting items, gold and stash gone. Also got no log file unfortunately due to several relogs.

Up. Same here ! All my tabs is gone & items, materials, gold.

Got the same problem. Stash, money, crafting materials gone.

This just happened to me too, after logging back on this morning.

got same problem in online. Have steam cloud error yesterday.

Same here, game didn’t crash or anything, just logged in today and lost all stash items, crafting materials and gold. I hope they can fix this soon because i wont play anymore until this is fixed, i dont want to lose all.

Got the same problem. Stash, money, crafting materials gone.
Logged off last night, today mini patch update logged in and all gone.