Lost all my gear logging in

while i was logging in my primalist. i clicked select character but i stayed at the character picking screen but i had the ui of in-game, was able to see chat, life and mana, skill hot bar but no skills selected in it. i try to pick my primalist again making sure i didn’t miss-click and still didnt put me in the game, so i relaunched the game selected my character again was able to load in all the way then had non of my gear. i had gear but i think it reverted back to an old save when i had first made the character. (all like lvl 3 stuff) all of my skills were still leveled at 20.
TL:DR lost all of my gear trying to log into the game

Very sorry to hear about this! If you experience any issues with loading (or really any strange behavior), please upload your log file so we can look into the issue. If by chance you haven’t restarted the game since you can still upload it.

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