Lost all Items in Stash and Gold after login in today


I logged in today, just to find out that my stash tab is empty, i have only one stah tab left beside i bought 4 or more… and i lost all the gold i gathered.
I also lost all my affixe shards, runes and glyphs.

Is there a way to recover them ?


I have exactly the same Problem. Every Stash Tab, every item in all these Tabs, all gold, all shards, runes and glyphs are gone…
This is a real mess for a 93 runemaster farming his stuff for lategame… now everything is lost. Please help!

This also happened to me I was SCF and logged back in and all my stash and gold was gone

I have very similar problem.
After the game crashed mine lov level heroic character died but its no a problem, the big problem is his bank overwrote the bank of my main character (non-heroic character), and the main character lost all her items stored in bank, gold, runes, glyphs, literally everything except what she was wearing and in her personal stash. Almost all progress since the game’s launch has gone to hell!

Same here. Every time i close the game i get empty stash. This is happening for several days.
I guess no one here is going to solve this bug?