Lost 200k favor

I left CoF on one character to check how the economy looks in Mof, and on the other char that is still in Cof I lost all my favor, like 200k. All that favor was farmed on char that is still in CoF, so i don’t undertand why the lose.


Not quite as bad but I lost like 37k favor. It wasn’t even a character I was really gaining much in as I just had taken CoF at first town and had a friend bus me to End of Time and Maj’elka.

Switched to MoF and then went on my other character and all my CoF favor was gone.

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I lost 90k favor, highly disheartening yes. I joined CoF on a Level 5 alt, then immediately left and changed to MG but lost all my favor yet kept all my prophecies for other characters/my account.

This coupled with infinite loading screens has me about done for now tbh.

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