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Losing 100.000 gold isn't really funny

OK here what happened.

I’m a new player here.

During my very first playthrough, I read every quest, every line of dialog thoroughly.
First because the story can be a little complicated, second because people worked on it and deserved this respect.

During my actual playthrough, though, and I expect during the 1000 next, I did what I expect everybody does : I fast-clicked dialogs, eager to return to my happy hacking and slashing.

And then, near the end of 9th act, I just lost 100.000 gold on a joke.

I understand it’s my very own fault, but I can only ask : when did somebody think lose a hundred thousand golds on a joke is funny for the player ?

I know, everybody here has a dozen level 100 characters and a hundred thousand golds is a spit in a sea of gold, but when you are in your second playthrough, going from 107.000 golds to 7.000 is a blow.

I have no issue with losing golds because, well, I gambled and lost. It’s an ingame feature.
And i know i’ll get this gold back fast, it’s not the problem.

Losing it this way, it’s like a punishment because I was in a hurry to play (and have fun with it). It really stopped my session on a bad feeling. It’s only a temporary bad feeling, but it’s real.

In a game where loot drop rate is carefully balanced to give the player a constant flow of little good feeling, this bad feeling is really ill advised.

(sorry for this froggy english and thank you for your benevolence)

This story sounds quite contradicting.
You already went trough this on your first play-trough, knowing there is an in-game, in-lore, scam in Chapter 9?
Or you stopped having respect for the people who worked on it and you got in-game scammed for 100k?

I think you don’t see my point.

First I’ll answer you though : I forgot the scam was in this very place. The story is 9 chapters long. Will I forgot it again ? I doubt it ! Is it relevant ? No. I did this feedback not to whine about the gold loss. I did it because… I felt it needed a feedback.

And the feedback is : at some point I felt punished, not because I played badly, not because I gambled and lost, but because of my eagerness to play.

ANd the feedback is : when you do all you can to give the player a good feeling in your game, don’t punish him on a joke.

Or at least give him the possibility to kill the scammer afterwards :). THAT would give a good feeling !

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Is only your fault, but I understand this can happen to anyone.

A good solution is to put a quantity the player cannot afford. IE if you have 300k, the NPC asks for 500k instead.

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I didn’t know you couldn’t kill the scammer afterwards, that does suck.

Uhmm I think differently… seeing this post and someone who realy paid 100k for is is absolutely funny. Never thought someone will say “Yes I payed 100k!”.

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I smell a Steam Achievement here…