LootFilter QoL, Gear specific and map ping

Hi, I’ve got a few requests/suggestions specifically about the loot filter. I love it but I feel one area specifically annoys me a tad when making gear specific filters.

Say for example I’m looking for a Ring with certain affixes. The list still shows the entire range of affixes. It’d be great if in this case it would automatically ignore all the stat drops that it cannot have.

Additionally a range filter for Idol stats. Alot of time is spend comparing idols and I always get the urge to hoard. This would be a great option to have for any stat but Idols are my main gripe at this moment. If i could ignore all the drops like; under 7% shared damage on the single slot elemental idols, I’d be a very happy man.

I’d also like to ask to add a marker on the map(like uniques) option to pair with the emboldened text. Sometimes minions go on an infinite killing spree and having to chase them just to see no loot dropped is just something I’d like to avoid.

Apologies if these are suggestions already on the forum.

edit: Oh and one bee centric monolith please. I crave “cow level” shenannigans.

Edit 2: I almost forgot, Having the colour option of the loot filter in some way reflected in your inventory/bank. Since loot tends to come in bundles it’d be nice to be able to pick out what you were looking out for at a glance. Personally I’d love it if the rarity and filtered stats took on the colour of the filter but even a little square in the corner would do.

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This would actually be really nice. Not sure how easy that would be to implement but it would be a good QoL.

This has been asked before, or variants of it, and I think CURRENTLY the Devs view on this is they don’t want the filter to be THIS specific. They always state that it could change in the future but that is my recollection of the current view.