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often i read in chat “my Lootfilter didnt work” or “how to make a Lootfilter”.
I know there are much Guides in this Forum for how to create a filter, but today i wanna show you how fast you can create a filter for a build that you already created in your head or on Lastepochtools ( Lastepochtools has also a button where you can download the Lootfilter for your build, i dont really like it, its to massiv for me ).

With the new Big Patch they implent the new “Glyphe of Chaos” that makes it a little easier for the Filter. Befor the patch comes out you had to select the stats you want, but now you can take the Yellow items cause you can reroll the Prefixe-Suffixe on it. Yellow Items have a higher Forge Potenial than Blue items, so i only want to see them.

I create a build on Lastepochtools and wanna make my own filter for it.

  1. First of all you create your Filter like i did on the Picture

  2. After that you make your First rule “Hide>Item Type>32 Selected”
    Thats make sure you only can see what you really want.

3.Now i start with the items that i want. You can see on my planner that i want Katans as my weapons

  1. Now i did it again with the Helmet Filter

  2. I did the same stuff with all the other items that i want.
    But now we come to the Idols. How you can see i only need 3 special types of Idols, so i create the filter like:
    than i make a new Condition for the Affixes that i want(you can see the names from it also on Lastepochtools)
    i make sure that i have “At Least 2 Of These Affixes On The Same Item” it makes sure that you only get the idols, that have both stats on it( its good for people that already have much idols) If you dont have much idols, make it “At Least 1 Of These Affixes On The Same Item”

  3. In the end we create a Filter that Show us only Exalteds(T6+), Uniques and Set Items

  4. Now your Filter should look like this:

How you can see its not so full like the other Filters but it does his job. If you look for maybe more than 1 Ring or any other item, you can easy add it
Example: Im Looking for 4 different Rings, it looks like this

I hope you can see thats not really hard to make a Lootfilter. Create 2-3 Filters and its easy than.

This Easy Filter is for People that only looks for the Base items they need on their Slots.
If you are new you wont have enough crafting materials to look only for special items, i would recommend than the other Filters from (let or Heavys Casual Filters)

If you wanna see the Filter that i created in this short Guide you can have it here
LootFilter Easy.xml (9,7 KB)

I hope i could show you how easy and fast you can make a filter :wink:
See ya ingame Travelers

ps: english isn’t my main language, i apologize for any mistakes and grammar stuff.

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Quick and easy, but already a great start if you already know how your build will exactly look like.

One very minor thing, that will save you a few clicks here would be the Hide Rule at the end.
If you create a Hide Rule with no condition at all, it will “Hide All Items”, no need to tick every category :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to add, that especially as a non experienced players, if you are unsure what item types you want, make the filter less strict to begin with and make it more strict step by step by step.

Especially early/mid game affixes are worth way more than implicits.

I see a lot of people making their filters way to strict too early.

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This is more for people that already have enough materials and items like me. So when i have an idea for a new build, i can create a fast filter for it, cause i dont need to look for special affixes.
btw after le released the lootfilter, i used your Sentinel filter cause i had no idea how to create a filter. so ty sir :wink:

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I totally get that, my main take away I wanted to convey is just: Don’t aim for “perfect gear” too early. You will harm your gearing progression quite a bit.

Glad to hear that, always happy if I could contribute to the enjoyment of LE for other people.

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