Loot To Build Ratio Inaccuracy

I just started playing Last Epoch and so far i am impressed and loving the game. The only thing i can say so far is that there seems to be a problem with the ratio of loot drops that are dropping for my charachter. I am playing a Sentinel/Paladin and around 75-80% of the loot that is dropping including the rare set or legendary item has minion affixes. Now this would be awesome if i was playing a build that had minions. But im not. I understand ok there should be loot dropping with some minion affixes but not at this high of a ratio. Loot drop affixes RNG should be tied somehow to the build you are running. I should not be getting 75% drops with minion affixes on every item.

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Sentinels do have minion possibilities - Forge Guard tree has the Manifest Armour and Forge Weapons which are all minions and you can get MA with only 15 points into FG on a paladin build if I recall correctly … so it would be odd if it didnt drop minion affixes while playing a sentinel class…

The rest of what you are experiencing is probably just RNG - my guess… or perhaps an overzealous loot filter config hiding too much other loot?

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There are 2 things here I would like to mention:

  • The crafting system allows you to change affixes, so item with a couple of undesired affixes can very easily turned into good items
  • If you absolutely don’t wan to deal with RNG crafting like glyphs of chaos (which will miss out lots of potentially good items), you could filter out items with undesired affixes on it.

I think it is really good, that there is very little loot bias/weighting in LE based on what char you play, except some base item types (bows drop less for non-rogue chars, catalysts drop less for primalist and sentinel etc.)

Because you will have equal chances to get any items, good or bad.
I am not sure how long you play and maybe it’s just your first impression, but that 75-80% figured might be.

  • Very unlucky
  • You don’t considere all the loot that is actually not that bad for you

The problem here is, how should the game decide “what build you are playing”?
Based on the skills you currently use? But programming a concice logic to determine what build needs/wants what items might be a monumental task for complex games like LE, where you also can build off-meta and hybrid stuff.

That is Last Epoch you play one build to get items for another build cause the rng is just like that. As soon as you start a minion build you will no longer see minion affixes. /s Actually you will cause minion affixes are stupid common. So just give in and play a minion build.

sounds like your loot filter is not strict enough(or too strict)

you can find your loot filter with shift+F

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