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Loot questions

Hi I’m sure this has been asked somewhere already, but how is the loot system?


Items that can change entire builds etc.

Any feedback appreciated. Very highly looking to buy once steam launch hits but I like a solid loot system. I don’t mind grinding and min maxing items


There are those following gear types :

  • Legendaries : not yet implemented, supposed to be rare and strong gear, more than uniques.
  • Uniques :There are already a lot of them. They give special effects. You can check the wiki.
  • Set items : a bit like uniques but have set buff depending of how many items from the set you have.
  • Normal gear : can have up to 4 affixes, 2 suffixes and 2 prefixes. Each affixe has a tier from 1 to 5 (5 is the strongest). Affixes can be found on the gear when it drops but you can also add affixes or upgrade their tier through crafting.

Perfect sounds good. I’m a still a big fan of the D2 loot system. Yea I know builds became samey with rune words(never seem any game get close to these.

Think will definitely be picking up. Is there going to be a demo launched with beta or is that planned later?

They’ve said a demo will come sometime after beta. No ETA that I know of.

Off topic for this, but thank you for the quick answers. Can I play fully purely on controller?


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