Loot Pity System- for Target Farming


I am going to propose something both fun and at same time, has a large potential to be controversial. If you want me to make a video on it, to explain thoughts more detail, let me know. With the disclaimer out of the way.

Basics of Mechanic

The basic principle of this system is how TWO different systems will be working in conjunction: System One: works for [CoF] [merchants Guild], System Two: Works for targeting one specific item that you want.

System One

When you join a guild, regardless of which faction, you will unlock a reward matrix track. Like in GW2, where you do pvp you fill a bar, fill the bar enough you are given a chest with a small reward, and the rewards increase the further down the track you progress.

This rewards are DETERMINISTIC. YOU ARE GUARANTEED THE ITEM, AND THE LP as you pick from a large drop table, and it SPAWNS THE ITEM.


E= EXP CAP for Tier = 100%
N= Result = 100%, aka gear drops at 1 = 100%
K = Kills
C= Corruption
P= 1 + K
Nx = The chain of boxes, N2 would be 2nd box

PR= Value of a monster for a Kill [ PR= {C+ P} + C/N*x]

[CoF/ Merchants]: Unlocks at Tier 10 [legacy] or tier 6 [cycle] or tier 4 [hardcore]. For a “BOX” you would need to unlock 10 small crates. Exp requirements for each boxes = N*x

N1=> 0+ [[ PR * [C+K] / [E+N*x]
N2= N1 squared
N3= N2 squared
N4= N3 Squared
N10= N9 Squared

The numbers are a little complicated, but the idea is that the harder the enemy you fight, and the less the enemies are spawned on the map, the more the value of the enemy is: the devs would need to add a number like CR in DnD for each monster. This way, when you fight a boss, the Bosses PR=100%

In practice unlocking the 10th box is almost impossible. The exp required is in the trillions. How ever, if you wanted to play the game for 40 years offline, you would be able to hit N10

Getting a Tier N7 is doable however, for those who want to play the game like its their job, and also allows casuals to get decent 2LP uniques a lot easier.

System 2

This system is different, it allows you to pick 1 item to drop, for every X bosses you can clear. It is more practical for most people, as it seems most people in LE hate boss farming.

Let C= Corruption / 10 [Result number is rounded down to closest number]

Let N = Value needed to hit the “Value” on a spreadsheet to trigger a tier
Let T= Total kills needed for a tier

Tier 1= 10 kills + score for kill = 1 [corruption= 100]
Tier 2= 20 …
Tier 3= 30 …
Tier 4= 50 …
Tier 5= 70 … Score of 50 [corruption 500]
Tier 6= 85 …
Tier 7= 100 ,…
Tier 10= 150 and Score of 100 [corruption= 1000]

The Maximum = N= 1000 [highest corruption cleared] / 10 = 100

This system is designed to be fair without being excessive, altough i think some may find that clearing 150 bosses on corruption 1000 to maybe to much. But i think its fair for a stretch goal.

Do you agree? What would you change? If you have a better formula, please share it. Math is not my specialty, so maybe one here can do a better job.

EDIT: would not display equation correctly.

Uhm CoF is already a pity system by itself. You need far less time to get the item you look for using CoF. I played the game thousands of hours before CoF and the difference is like night and day.


True, it feels better, but there is no way to ensure you get an item you want without them adding specific prophecies for each item, and then letting the corruption level roll the items LR/ wievers will. That may also work.

The thing with rng, is that I hate it, as you never know if you can ever get the drop.

I wanted ans Exsang and got chest unique prophecies and got one 10 minutes later. Before 1.0 I played a bit over 3k hours and only got 6 exsangs at all. What do I like more you ask? Glad you do. I realy like to be able to get the item I want in 10 minutes rather then in ~500h. Well that’s just me though.

Ensuring items would wreck the game. Drops are already close to too generous.


CoF gives random loot, just more of it. If you don’t like random loot, you should play MG and buy what you want.

I’m so glad I chose Merchant’s Guild. I target farm by picking up gold and selling things. And I can sell things because I’m farming for hundreds of thousands of other people, thus its nearly impossible to not get useful drops.

I would go insane if I had to go back to my pre 1.0 status where I had to pray for the thing to drop over and over.

I am regretting not going merchants at this moment, done close to 50 hours of grinding and got nothing to show for it. If i went merchants i would have 3LP items for each slot as i got close to 5M gold.

Maybe next season or on my mage i will do Merchants and transfer my gold via stash. As an old school arpg i always prefer drops. But with how bad twrget farminf bosses is right now in comparison to trade, not even close

Yeah they need to merge the set bonus rank 9 into “When a Monolith Boss is killed, the Boss’s set of gear is also dropped.”.

For example, if Reign of Winter boss is killed, the boss will always drop 1 of each of the following…(all of these will have the CoF tag though, so you will not be able to swap to MG and sell.)
Call of the Tundra
Faith of the Frozen
Reign of Winter
Yulia’s Path

You two must not have done much Mephisto farming… :wink: The chase is what ramps up the dopamine hit!


Then go and do it. But you’ll only be able to afford a single piece of gear.
Also you’ll need Tier 8 to be able to buy it. Tier 6 for your weapon.

Tier 8 is reached around level 100 I would say.

Also you can make a second character and simply switch with it to another faction, keeping the old ones in the old faction.

And no, CoF is vastly stronger then MG currently. The effort needed to get to the chase-stuff is immense. And you most likely won’t find a lot of those items even being sold currently. With more people reaching that tier level the scarcity of supply with them will even be worse.

In practice i dont think i have enough will power to rep grind another currency when i am close to rep 8 for CoF. Why i said most likely next season

Sounds reasonable to try one faction one season and the other the next. In the meantime, we’ll have to see what EHG thinks of how each faction worked out.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind CoF 9 changed to gold instead of sets until sets are in a better place.

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