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Loot Filters

I’ve spent way to much time, over 20 hours in the past 2 days in the game (only found it yesterday morning). I am so keen and so thankful to be a part of this from near the beginning.

So my only gripe or dislike with what is available to us currently that as far as I can find has not been mentioned so far is the quantity of loot. Now this is not an issue durectly, but in the area playing to roughly wave 100 there is too many names of items on the screen and they are in front on monsters so I can’t see what I am killing.

An in game toggle option to hide white / light blue / blue / green etc… would be great.

Or what would be totally insane and everyone would love it especially with your crafting session; an interface where you can hide up to what ever rarity as mentioned above, but then select specific stats and any item that drops that will still appear so you can shatter it. As all loot drops identified already.

So with roughly 100 items on the screen I cant’t hover through their names and view all the stats before they start despawning. If I could only see Yellow and above, unless they have the Cast Speed mod (because I selected it), then I know all green and blue I pickup I can shatter immediately without sorting through the loot.

I hope this makes sense?


EDIT: Also if a mod / dev reads this, can you clarify if skill abilities will be capped at 20 levels or is this just a temporary thing?

There is no plan to change ro remove the cap.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass it on tomorrow. 02:48 AM here atm. :slight_smile:

Yeah, loot filter would be cool. Liking how it’s implemented in Grim Dawn.

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i agree Grim Dawn loot filter is great.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback! Loot Filters are something I have seen a lot of feedback about. It’s something one of the devs is working on in between other things.

Grim Dawn has an excellent loot filter and Crate did an excellent job on it. The problem, really, is that our games are quite different and our crafting system heavily incentivizes you to care about magic items (sometimes even common items) so a rarity-based filter would not be a great fit for Last Epoch.

you can always have a pet mechanic where they pick up the not so interesting loot(limited bag space) and you can do whatever you want with it later when you get to the city. Games like “Torchlight” and “The incredible adventures of Van helsing” have this feature.

“It also means that cosmetic pets would be a thing”. More expensive pets will glow when they pick an item up. Every backer will have one and every person who buys the game when it releases will get a simpler pet.

Had a similar suggestion on Twitch a few hours ago.

Not mentioned it to the team yet, but I’ll do so later today.

Oh no basic rarity filters would be useless.
I think we would need a filter that keeps a list where you can add entries to that list. Each entry would be:
Item (where you can choose like, all armor, all weapons, specific armor type, specific weapon type)
Wanted stat 1
Wanted stat 2
Wanted stat 3
Wanted stat 4
minimum # wanted stat points
maximum # unwanted stat points.

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