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Loot Filters! Love 'em? Hate 'em? Prefer them customizable or part of the UI?

Hey everyone!

We’re passionate about Last Epoch seven days a week - and that means we’re constantly checking the forum, our subreddit, Twitter, and so on for your questions, concerns, and ideas.

While it’s very important to us that you feel free to discuss whatever you want, myself and other team members may occasionally create a thread for some targeted feedback. This is the first time I’m doing so on the forum, and I’d like to ask what you think of loot filters.

Do you love having one? View them as a necessary evil?

The two most prominent examples of loot filters are Grim Dawn’s which allows you to hide items under a certain rarity, and Path of Exile’s which are insanely customizable. Assuming you’re pro-loot filter, which system do you prefer? Do you have ideas which you haven’t seen implemented but think could make loot filters even better? We’d love to hear them!

If you’re interested in what others think, you may like to check out our discussion on Reddit.

Hey, one last thing. I understand that communities can be concerned about which website(s) a game development studio is active on and pays attention to, and that for some people my decision to post this on Reddit first may be a controversial one. My intention is to have people feel confident posting their feedback here, on Reddit, on social media, or anywhere else we can realistically keep track of it. I feel like, currently, the forum has been more successful than our subreddit, so I was trying to help it out. This may be something I do a bit for the immediate future - but rest assured that if things ever swing in the opposite direction, I’ll be just as happy to help promote our forum. That’s a commitment I’m very happy to make.

Woo that is quite the task for one person to manage so many social media sites :slight_smile:
While I’ve played with PoE here and there I don’t have much experience with it. I do like Grim Dawn’s loot filter and I also wish D3 had a loot filter as well, but in saying that I have to ask myself… why is that?
Well I believe it’s because how their loot system is in that certain tiers of loot quickly and/or eventually become useless. Now in D3 you might say, oh well I can break down whites, blues, and yellows into crafting materials… but at the same time those same white, blue, and yellow crafting materials are “world” drops and thus picking up said items becomes inefficient, ineffective, pointless… I could go on, but I think the point is clear.

Now in Last Epoch from what I read and see early on is that it is the intention to make most/ all items useful. So how would you provide a loot filter for such and/or how much time/resources would you be willing to commit to such an endeavor?

Long story short :slight_smile: I would like to see the loot system and crafting system come online first so that I (everyone) could make a better decision based off gameplay / use because if we are just filtering out items that serve zero purpose then why have them drop at all?

Hey, it’s not just me! If you look at the people writing dev blog posts you’ll see this, and they, Michelle, and others are all active on Twitter, Facebook, and so on. I just feel as CM it’s my job to be aware of what kind of reaction various posts get, and what questions and concerns people on social media are expressing. :slight_smile:

off topic, but thanks for this… as if I don’t check my facebook twice a day. I never thought to view your fb page.

By the way, this is an excellent point and something we’ve talked about a lot today.


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