Loot Filters in Multiplayer

I know Multiplayer isn’t out yet and won’t be for some time, but the FAQ and dev post was posted today and got me thinking a bit.

There was nothing really about loot filters. With multiplayer I think it would be nice to have an option to easily share specific rules, from your loot filter. Maybe have some kind of party loot filter people can add rules to, by simple copying one from the local loot filter or something.

Or define rules in the loot filter to also apply for party play and have an option to enable and disable these rules from party members yourself. Also some kind of indication would be necessary that you can see if an item is shown or recolour because of your filter or one of your party members.

I am sure one can figure it out how it exactly works. I just want to throw in the suggestions to have something like this.

This would be really great since the loot is instanced. So I can see if I maybe drop some nice item for my party members, or they maybe drop some nice things for me.

Assuming your filter recolors or shows items with the base specified AND affixes specified, this can easily be added to any loot filter you currently have. I’ll make some changes to a filter of mine such that it would work for two builds and get back to you, but I’d like to read the rest of the MP update for July first. Give me about an hour or two and I’ll have an example for you!

Edit: Here is my example filter. I used a filter I had setup for a Volcanus Paladin and added rules to show gear for a mana stacking glacier Sorc. I think it can be refined, as boots and gloves are close to being able to be shared (just using one rule for each (normally ammys fit here too, but the mage would be using Orian’s Eye)), but for now they are two separate rules each.
Example, Sentinel and Mage.xml (48.7 KB)

Yeah you can ofc create a new loot filter and make all members use it. But I am looking for a more easy way in game, sharing specific rules with party members. So it can also work easily in random groups and so on.

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I was actually just thinking about this –
This is the relevant bullets from the FAQ

  1. How will loot drops work in a party?
    Loot drops will be instanced, meaning that only you will see the items that are dropped for you. You will not see or be able to interact with other player’s loot. Loot will drop at the same rate and rarity that it does when not in a party.
  2. Can party members see the loot that drops for all other party members?
    No, we don’t want to clutter the player’s screen or the ground with items they cannot pickup. Items can be linked in chat to share your findings with your party though

What I’d thought about was the following:

Each player in the party has a loot filter
What if each player had a quick button to switch from their filter to another players (press down) and back to their own (release) – 1 button for each player (F1 F2 F3 for example).

I think there are some obvious drawbacks to this – first server performance issues (depending on if filters are stored locally or server side).
Group play should encourage that – Group play. The players should have to interact with each other, talk, etc. Maybe this is step too far in the direction of promoting players not interacting with each other.
Abuses of the system – playing in a group with random people who try to “extort” you for an item that dropped in their instance and not yours that’s super good for you . There’s likely other ways this could be used to harm/bully/etc individuals.

I personally dislike the F1 F2 F3 example, as I would rather have a passive method to have items highlighted for each person. If I have to hold a button to toggle filters, I’m going to forget and inevitably miss a drop that was probably a good crafting base for a party member. I think being able to copy/paste filter lines or being able to concatenate filters on each other to create a new filter will help this. Not only will it give each party member input on their part of the filter, but it will also prevent each of the party members from having to create a filter for 4 characters at the same time. My example filter above shows what a filter could look like for 2 members, and creating one for 4 would take a while.

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