Loot filter

I read that a loot filter is coming, and a year ago you had a discussion asking players about this.
I would love a loot filter.
Rather than reading every item description as I currently do, it would be great to be able to set paramaters of what you plan on picking up.

I imagine it’s going to take a bit, since LE is focused on adding game management tasks like loot filters into the game itself (Unlike SOME games). It’d be sweet if we could filter for specific mods, and have character independent and global filters :smiley:

It might also be nice to have automatic pickup for items in the loot filter, like it does now for gold and potions.


A good loot filter for last epoch will not be only rarity, but to be able to select prefix /affix list that you want too.
Group affix by theme is a good idea, to simplify.

Number of affix, or forge tier? perhaps?


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