Loot filter - Total Affix Tiers Bug


I believe the way the Total Affix Tiers of the filter is working is not intended. So I will illustrate with an example how it is currently working.

Let us say I have the following filter that SHOWS items based on .


Affix Condition. 53 Affixes selected.
At least one of the Affixes on the same item:

  • Tier of individual affixes must be >= 6
  • Total Affix Tiers >= 8

Let us say I find an item with 4 affixes: 1 T6 affix from the list. 2 T2 affixes from the checklist and 1 T4 affix from outside the checklist

First, the filter is checking for the first condition. “At least one T6+” goes through. Then one might expect the following calculation Total of tiers (for affixes among the ones checked)= 6+2+2=10 >= 8. Unfortunately that is not how it is working and the item will not be shown.

For whatever reason, the filter is actually checking the sum of affixes that obey Tier >= 6 only. So the Total in this case the total is 6 < 8. Thus, the only way the item gets shown is to have at least 2 T6+ (in which case the Total affix tier condition >= 8 is pointless since 12+ is always greater than 8 and I could simply just use at least 2 of tier 6+ and ignore the Total tiers condition altogether). This behavior seems totally counterintuitive because my conditioning is that at least one has a tier >=6 so why does the condition that checks the total want all of the affixes to be included in the sum to satisfy the condition T >= 6?

Had things worked the way I thought, I would have been able to indirectly filter for "having at least 2 affixes from the list but only one of them is required to be t6+, which is not directly feasible since we can’t use multiple conditions of the same category (affix in this case). Thus this kind of filtering is currently impossible.