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Loot Filter Suggestions (affixes)

Problem : When I choose an Item type in the lootfilter LE shows me all available affixes for any item slot. That clutters the view with non-relevant affixes. For example, if I select an item type - ‘helmet’ then the game shows me %Hybrid Health affix which CANNOT appear on helmets. But I’d like to see at a glance which affixes exactly I can craft on helmets. Both prefixes and suffixes.

Solution : when a player selects an item type in the filter LE should only show relevant affixes. WITHOUT drop-down lists which I have to unfold to see the contents. So LE should show all of the relevant affixes as a table and I can see them all at once and check which ones I need for my build on that slot.


This has been brought up many times already.

I would like this, but:

I still would like to have affixes categorized, since I really like those categories and many Item Slots still ahve multiple affixes within one category.

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Ok but just imagine that you need to click all of those drop-down lists one by one just to see its content. Don’t you think it is a bit too much mouse clicking? I see a solution here would be a small view buttons (like in Windows Explorer) to see as a table or dropdown lists. That would be perfect

But the categories already tell you what rough content is inside them.

If you are unexperienced and don’t know all the affixes yet, it will still cause some clicking, but you will also learn the categories for the future.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s cool do have choices how to show certain stuff.

But it would make the whole menue even more complex.

The most important thing over everything is: Keep it simple and don’t overlaod the UI.

The Loot Filter is already a feature, that many players don’t even want to touch, despite being super easy compared to similar games.

The categorized view is just way less daunting, then a list of all the 60 affixes possible on Item X.

I don’t need to know that ‘rough content’ I need to see exactly what affixes I want to check. For example, ‘Resistances and armour’ section doesn’t help me at all. I need to expand it and check only %physical and %elemental resistances. That is what I want for that slot.

But you can find whatever you are looking for way faster with these categories.

If you see all 60 affixes of avaialble affies finding the one you are looking for is way harder.

And if you are using the search function it doesn’t matter anyway.

Also that “rough content” is still very usefull, if you don’t know, what affixes are avaialble on a given item slot.