Loot Filter Screen Won't Close

I had a loot filter working fine for a while then I noticed it wasn’t working all of a sudden so I opened my lot filter screen to see what was wrong. It wouldn’t let me click anything on the loot filter screen until I clicked ‘shift+F’. Then I was able to make a loot filter but when I was done I wasn’t able to close the screen. Esc wouldn’t close it, going through waypoints wouldn’t close, all I could do was fully close the game and reopen and now I have the exact same glitch every time and I none of the loot filters I made while having that bug show up. If I go to the folder where they’re stored they’re there though. I’m running through the steam client and I have checked for file integrity. Very strange, anyone else have this happen?


Thanks for the report!

Hi, i’m having the exact same problem. My filters won’t work, they’re in their folder but i can’t load them, the game doesn’t recognise them and it doesn’t allow me to create another filter. Then i try to close the filter window but it stays open and the only thing i can do is to force close the game, since the interface doesn’t respond to any input.

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I´m having these exact issues.
Can´t creat filters, can´t import, and filter screen stays open unless forced to close game (alt-F4)

Same problem here. cant use filters, and cant close the filters menu. Im with marksmann class

I have the same problem, filters are in the folder, but don’t appear in-game. Can’t close the filter screen after opening it as well.

I found the fix. Delete all the loot filters in your loot filter folder. It will work again after that but unfortunately you’ll have to remake your loot filters. Also I believe there is still the possibility of it messing up again at some point since I don’t know what made it happen in the first place but at least it won’t lock up our game anymore!

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Thanks Rydat, it actually worked for me aswell.

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Hey there!
I have the same Problem, but only in the Login/Character Screen. Ingame everything works perfectly fine. Don’t know if that helps the devs in any way…

We’re aware of this issue and are tracking it internally.

Problem still exist for me. Filters are missing in game, with no option to choose from the drop down menu. Can’t import from folder even though they are there. Gonna try deleting everything what Rydat said.

I am having the same issue but also it wont even let me make a filter at all. Just stays on and wont close out or let me select anything on the loot filter tab.

If you’re still having this issue could you please upload your log file and Filters folder? The filters are in the same place as the log file. Thanks!

I’m also having this issue. Won’t allow me to do anything with loot filters and loot filter screen won’t close. Not sure how to get the log file and filters folders as I’m running through Steam

Filters.zip (5.1 KB)
Player.log (83.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (46.5 KB)

Hi! I’m having the same issue for a long time now. I’m uploading my logs and filters.

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