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Loot filter recoloring issue

It seems that having a loot filter rule for Recoloring has a hidden (always show) of whatever you are trying to recolor, if put on top of everything it works but does not apply any of the rules beneath for example wanting an specific affix; if put on the bottom of all the rules the recolor doesnt work.

Recoloring rule should not have any effect of showing anything but it does.

Example of my filter; something simple just some specific bases at top then couple of general rules at the bottom

The loot filter checks down the list matching each rule to the items that drop & it stops at the first valid rule. Therefore if you have a hide X rule above a recolour X it’ll be hidden, not recoloured.

Recolour is by definition a show filter.

Seems like it defeat the purpose, unless you want to start doing some specific overcomplicated recolour rules or hiding except rules. For example just wanting to recolor magic, and rares for a stronger blue(magic) or a stronger yellow(rare) its not possible in my case.

Well,that was simple just changed my show rules to recolor and made it work

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