Loot filter randomly hides everything

Hello EHG Team,

I observed the following behaviour while playing : sometimes the loot filter randomly stops working properly and hides everything including gold, crafting components and items that should be visible according to the filter i use such as uniques etc…

I can still loot gold since it’s sucked up automatically but the rest either doesn’t show up or the box has no text and cannot be clicked (thus cannot be looted).

Changing filters whether it’s another custom or the default one (so no filter) does not work, i have to at least go back to character selection for it to reset.

Unfortunately it’s random, so i can only help with the usual technical files, a screenshot (look at the gold stacks on the top/right directions and the exported loot filter. You’ll find said files in the following zip :

bug_loot_filter_data.zip (3.9 MB)

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Looks like loot labels have been disabled.

The default keybind for this is Z.

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