Loot filter problem

How do I make my filter get rid of items like these?

(click picture)

Why would I want a level 5 or so base item with rolls giving it a level 48 requirement?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to find a filter setting for the base item itself, so is there any way to filter these kind of drops out?

The level filter doesn’t really help here because the level requirement for the affixes isn’t the issue.

Dynamic tier-scaling options for items (relative to character level) would of course be ideal, but that only appears to exist for affixes.

To Filter Item Base Types, you need to create one rule for one type of item.

For your example, to filter Wand, you need to create a rule with the Condition → Item Type → Type: Wand and THEN the subtypes selection becoems available.

If you select multiple Types, subtype selection get’s greyed out.


Now you need to decide how to use this kowledge.
You can either createa Hide Rule at the very top hiding all the undesired base types (that’s how I do it)

Or you can create a show/recolor rule showing/recoloing all the base types you are interested in.

In case you are interested in learning more about the Loot Filter I do have 2 ressources here:

Maybe you can learn a thing or two from inspecting my generic class filters, they are not very specific, but you can see some methods I am using there.

The Guide is outdated, but still valid, it only misses the new functionality that recently got added to use multiple affixes in rules.

That actually does exist, but the problem in LE is, that the level requirement of an item is not indicitive of it’s power.


Oh that clears up a lot. Thank you. It’s going to be a lot of work setting everything up by the looks of it, but there’s just way too many rares flying around for me to go through them, so it’ll be worth it.

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If you want to have any more informations about the Loot Filter in general, just feel free to ask.

One very important tip,that i see people doing, that can brick your gameplay experience:
:warning: Don’t hide Magic Items :warning:
because of how crafting works in LE, they can be some of the best crafting bases.

If you are interested I could also post one of my personaly endgame Filter, so you get a sense of how you can do stuff, if you want to be super strict. (But i don’t wanna spoil you if you wanna find out a method for yourself)

Please, I’d love to take a look at it.

And, yes, I’m aware of the blue Magic items crafting thingy and I have already put filters in place for that. Thank you.

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So just for reference:
That’s the character the Filter is fore, in case you wanna check the Items i have equiped vs. the loot filter.

Here are the xml file and a pastebin (whatever you prefer:
Melee Lich Strict.xml (37.1 KB)
Melee Lich Strict - Pastebin.com

As you can see, I do primarily use Hide Rules, hiding every base type I am not interested in regardless of affixes.

Only exception being Uniques, Sets and Exalted, while T7 exalted are distinct form T6 Exalted Items.

After all the specific Hide Rules you do have “staggered” recolour option on sets of 3, for the same item types. color coded how strong they are.

And for Idols i do have 2 affix Idol rules, so i no longer see Idols with only one synergistic affix.

I do have very specific affix desires for my weapon and amulet, while the rest of the items have one big “generic” set of 3 staggered rules, because their all share very similar affixes and some of the item types only can have one specific combination of affixes in that pool.

This is probably one of my most strict filter and it does not show many items, but if it does, it’s usually something i can immediately craft one, which some ocacasions where i need to use a rune of removal first. If that fails and remvoes the wrogn affix the item might be trashed. But that’s ok.

If you have any specific or generic questions, just go ahead.

I can talk about Loot Filter the whole day :smiling_imp:

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Thank you very much. I will take a look at it. I love the loot filter in this game and now that I’ve had a taste of it I do wish they’d expand on it even further.

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I prefer to make it simple so I don’t have that’s type of issu.
I only need 5 or 6 rules to make a very good and drastic lootfilter. I am not good enough with this features to make it complexe but in my opinion you don’t need to. I need like 10 minutes to make a perfect loot filter.

I have one “Generic” Loot Filter that I use from level 1-20ish, and then a “Template” which I copy for each character once they get their Mastery class, and then customize.

The “Lowbie” filter just highlights everything with Physical and Void resist in purple, everything with any other resist in blue, and boots with movement in orange. It hides all normal items.

The advanced template has 1 row for each item slot to be customized with item types + affixes, but otherwise has all the other normal things like special colors for Unique/Set/Exalted, hiding all items below a certain level and of a different class, hiding certain bases not used, etc.

Sounds like you are doing something with the filter that uses up a lot of time.

From this I assume you are doing affix filters for every item individually, this is alright for endgame when only very specific affixes work for each item, but that requires a LOT of time to edit - at early game it is better to have a general affix filter for all items and put hide rules above it to hide the bases you don’t want.

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