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Loot Filter Menus Stuck

Ok…i literally encounter a gamebreaking bug,i don’t know if it’s common among other players,but whoever get’s this bug he/she would have to play without loot filter.
Thing is i was playing then i wanted to change something in my loot filter right…so i opend up the menu,then suddenly all my presets (my own lootfilters) were gone,i was clicking here and there,trying to locate them,create new one etc,then i realized that i can’t leave that loot filter menu.Thing is i can play the game but without loot filter,and if i want to create a new one i’ll just get stuck.
I verified the cache integrity,now i’m reinstalling the game,will launch it in the upcoming 20 mins more none the less.If i fix it by reinstalling ill let you all now.
Reinstalled didn’t fix the problem aswell.
Workaround is deleting the whole folder in C:\Users\xxxxxxAppData\LocalLow,where the lootfilter is stored.
Then for some time i am able to play with lottfilter without getting stuck in it,altho i have to create a fresh new one again untill i get the same bug.