Loot Filter - Importing Single Rules

It would be great if you could import/duplicate just a single rule for Loot Filters.
There are many benefits to this, however the biggest benefit is being able to add single lines from other filters with ease.

You don’t apply your Void Knight’s loot filter to your Necro when playing - however, whilst playing your Void Knight - being able to quickly import a single rule to search for that Necro relic or ring your missing is great Quality of Life.

When Multiplayer is released, this will be even more useful - as your regular party members can send you their single rules for that Throw Damage Exalted Ring you are targeting as a team in the Monolith/dungeon together (since i understand you wont see other players loot and trade will be session/party only)

This is more beneficial with multiplayer partying - but also whilst playing different characters offline - keeping an eye out for rare/exalted specifics for your other main characters.

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