Loot Filter Graphical and Functionality Bug

I’ve been having a problem with my loot filters unable to access predesigned loot filters and unable to keep current filters.
Its becoming very annoying not being able to select a filter.
I have a picture of what it looks like.

What i want to know is when are you going to give us a fix for this? I’ve installed many times and still have this problem.
As you can see in image the filter box only shows a fraction of the bottom of the select menu.
If i try to import a folder to load filters, the came freezes this menu and i’m unable to close it. Only way is to ctrl alt del and close game.


Kind regards


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I am having exactly the same issue. :slight_smile:
Hope they will fix it soon :slight_smile:

Turns out i had to remove all the old loot filters from the LE filter folder, create a new one, test to see if dropdown menu works then only use the newest ones.

Do you mean you have deleted all the filters or do you have deleted the complete folder?

I just cut those files and pasted them into a temp folder.

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