Loot Filter bugged out

Loot Filter Bugged.zip (1.3 MB)
Tried to import loot filter when creating a new character and the text below the dropdown field became “Last edited: 0.8”. From then, I was not able to close the loot filter page properly (have to alt f4 to exit) and was not able to open any other menu items. When I tried to select a loot filter from the dropdown list, nothing shows up (see attached). This has been ongoing for a week (tried restarting the game, deleting the loot filter folder, restarting my computer).

I’m having the same issue, but it just started today.
Also when I try to paste a filter from my clipboard it always says there’s not a valid filter in the clipboard regardless of what I copy

Same issue here. I cant lose the Loot-Filter Menu after i have open it and have to ALT+F4 the game. Also i cant chose a Loot-Filter from my list and cant create another one.
(Unluckily i have deleted my Loot-Filter because of new one and now i dont have any applied while farming^^)

Bumping post, still have the bug. Makes rerolling alts very difficult as I am unable to set up loot filter.

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