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Loot Filter - Add option for mini map icons in loot filter

Not sure if this has been posted before but I would greatly appreciate it if the loot filter had the option to show mini map icons for high end items that I am searching for in the filter. We have icons drop for Set Items and Uniques but with the current state of the game, at end game no one really cares about Set Items and Uniques, its all about Exalted Items, high rolled specific Idols, or Rares with specific T4+ mods you are looking for.

Now for some builds, the loot filter does the job however for the two arch type of builds I like the most (Multi Shot and DoT), I find that some of the enemies I kill are off screen and having to back track or travel to a region I shouldn’t be going to is highly annoying because when I do this, I lose necessary timed buffs I want up to progress. Whether this is a good thing or not would be an interesting discussion.

So, currently in the game there are helmet, armor, weapon icons, etc. that you can assign on your item tabs. I think it would be amazing if you could take those icons, put them as well as the color into the loot filter and mini map. This way, say I have a filter for Exalted Bardiche then if one drops, I could assign a purple axe icon to the filter and have a purple axe icon drop on the mini map when that item drops. In a similar fashion, say a Bardiche drops that has T4+ mods that I want, then maybe I assign a yellow axe to that and a yellow axe icon drops on the mini map.

I don’t know about everyone but when I play games and I see a bright icon pop up on the mini map for something I’m looking for, it’s always exciting! However, when you learn that something awesome dropped and you missed it, that always sucks!

Now potentially I can see problems when this is used too much and you have icons all over the mini map since the filter was not strict enough. I don’t know how the mini map is coded and whether this would cause problems but I would totally accept limiting the number of item filters that drop icons could be assigned to, but it would be great if at least the player could assign 5-10 filters with an icon … basically one filter for each piece of equipment slot would be a wonderful addition to the game.