Loot Filter 75 Rules Limit

Many of you probably know my Loot Filter for all the different classes.

I received a lot of feedback since I posted it and i am constantly thinking about refining and revising it.

I did receive feedback from players, that my loot filter does not hide enough stuff and it is really hard to make a generic loot filter, that shows really good items for a specific build , while still hiding enough stuff, so that loot is not overwhelming.

And I also received feedback from player, that want to use a loot filter without further touching or adjusting it.

The easiest way to do this is implementing rules that have a level dependancy, but especailly for armour and weapon base types, which generally become very weak when you outlevle them, it’s hard to make a All-In-One Loot Filter, that is worth using during the story and during endgame.

The only way I could see my filter improving further in this area would be implementing a variety of level dependant rules for each weapon types (similar to what i already did with armour base types)

But to accomplish this I need more Rules available in a single loot filter.

Just to be sure, I think this request is not that necessary for a regualr loot filter.
I solely would need this for a filter that does eerything you want from lvl 1 to lvl 100 automatically, without adjustign any rules during the process of leveling.
There would be lots of redundant and simiarl ruels for different level ranges.

TL:DR: Would it be possible to increase the limit of rules to 125?

I know its a PITA, but you could post multiple Filters for the same class/build, with different level ranges, and tell people to import them all and just swap the the filter for their level range. :slight_smile:

Also, I think improving rule Logic would obviate the need for more rules. Like, if I could select several weapons (or all weapons) of a level range, and filter them. etc.

Lastly, this is a classic “Give a man a fish” vs “Teach a man to fish” moment here. :slight_smile: Just sayin’

I agree with Zaodon’s last sentence.
You have done an impressive job with both your filters and your tutorial. Here comes a moment where people should use what you taught them.

You will never be able to create a real Swiss-army loot filter. We all have moments when we have very specific needs and we have to create our own rules to match these needs.
Your filters are an awesome base that is already extremely well done, useful and customizable. Do you think you really can go further with the creation of generic filters? Or are we entering the world of specific filters? :wink:

I could do the same, that i did with the armour filtering, with every single weapon base types.

Since both armours and weapons are pretty straight forward in terms of endgame viability.
Most Item Types have 3-4 endgame viable base types on their highest level base types.

But That would mean roughly 6-7 rules per weapon category:
Two-Handed: Sword, Mace, Axe, Staff, Bow, Polearms
One-Handed: Sword, Mace, Axe, Scepter, Wand, Dagger
Off-Hand: Quvier, Shield, Catalyst

So I would need roughly 7x15=105 more rules xD

Obviously I would make the weapon rules probably a litle bit less strict with the level ranges, so maybe 3-4 per weapon type, but that would still be 60 more rules

EDIT: Alternatively, another good change could be: Let us select base types, even when multiple item types are selected.

Currently you can only select subtypes, when one item type is selected.

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…for a rather strongly extended rules limit.
→ Also noticed certain shortcomings quite quickly and made my current filter rather rough, but very restrictive. There is not really much more displayed, the rest you just build yourself.

I think the job you’ve done with the filters, both creating and teaching to create, has been awesome and I don’t see a real need for anything futher. You will never be able to satisfy everyone anyway.

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This right here, Heavy held my hand multiple times teaching me how to make a good loot filter and I can’t thank him enough for it. Working off the backbone of what he already has made it really easy to learn. I don’t think he needs to go any further than he already has, as nice as it would be. At some point people need to realize that building a loot filter is part of the gameplay and something you need to learn to customize for yourself, OR just deal with a ton of crap on the ground.

@Travoas @Kohtas

Thank you for the kind words, I genuinely appreciate people liking my filters and understanding, that you sometimes need to do something yourself.

But I did encounter people who literally said:“I don’t want to deal with this crap” They also did used build from other build Creators and demanded that build Creators are responsible for giving people a ready-to-go loot filter.

While I don’t necessarily agree with them, the reason I started my loot filter project in the first place, was to help people that are overwhelmed with the loot filter.

And I know I can help them better. But that’s the reason I kindly request more rules.
To make a all in one ready to go loot filter.

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