Loot drops & screen realestate

I’ve just done a monolith & the amount of loot that dropped went way off screen. Would it be possible to either re-arrange the location of the item name tags on the ground in real time, or have a way to get the game to generate the item names again after you’ve picked them up & there are fewer of them so they don’t go all over the place (PoE does this & it works pretty well).

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Grim Dawn does this extremely well, loot names smoothly take the place of loot you have already picked up, something like this or even a more primitive solution like PoE’s would be great.

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What Wolcen does is to display the type of loot i.e. sword, ring, armor and its corresponding rarity color.

The player can only “identify” the item once it is in the inventory.

This is a good practice from Wolcen as it provides cleaner loot display as opposed to ones with extremely long names.

This drove me mad untill I found a way in the options to get my item names back. In LE it’s VITAL to know the prefix and affix of an item.

The solution for this game is loot filters.

yes, that also.

That would be my preferred solution, along with a loot filter that allows you to either include specific affixes or exclude specific affixes along with base items.

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