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Loot drop unable to picked up

I got a unique dropped but i didnt be able to pick up. Label without name. If you place your mouse you can see there is a item here but if you click the item keep in the ground.

I saw some topics but with things that makes it different, or i think so. Then i made a new topic. (2.9 MB)

Update: i did another monolith and i couldnt see any loot, with or without filter.

Thank you for the report!

Is it possible you disabled loot labels? The default keybind to toggle them is the Z key.

It was active, if you look at the pic, you can see a little label without name. I used X too to check if the filter was doing something wrong, but i wasnt able to pick any loot until i left the game.

Im not sure right now, i checked it in the game right now and it is very similar to the situation of the pic i uploaded. You can see the item and you cant pick it. But that little label… Im not sure if this was a bug or my mistake.

It is intended to not be able to pick an item without loot label? For a clean gameplay, i can understand that, but it hurts me right now.

I’ve just had this exact thing happen to me on my first ever boss. The item was there but there was no way for me to pick it up.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot if it’s any help: Dropbox - pickup.png - Simplify your life

The effect is like you have the loot label off, but the little one…

Nah, I’ve literally just started playing and haven’t touched anything. There was a load of other items that dropped at the same time and I collected them no problem. That one just seemed to glitch out. Shame because it looked like a decent item. For me at least.

We have some fixes to loot filter coming and a problem like this should be addressed in patch .8.2.

Let us know if you still having this problem in the next patch.

Thank you for your report.