Loot Chest Respawn

There is a bug currently in all zones where if you loot a chest and exit the area and go back in, it will allow you to reopen the chest as many times as you want. (Example: Pannion’s Library, if you walk into the zone there is a chest on the right that you can open and the walk back out of the zone since the chest is in the very beginning of Pannion’s Library and when you go back in it will allow you to open it again.)

This is a known issue. It is a technical limitation of how zone completion is being handled at the moment. It will be changed so that this is not an issue. In the mean time please you’ve got some extra chests if you want. You can ignore it if you want to simulate how it is intended though.

I wanted to add a few more details about this issue.

I’ve enjoyed watching ProjectPT playing Last Epoch for the first time (blind run) and getting his opinion about the game.

A bit further in his stream, upon reaching level 12, he also experienced this bug/feature.

More exactly:

  • PT kills a miniboss, loots a box next to it, picks a few items up and ports out with (T) and sells some stuff
  • PT ports back in (via portal, not waypoint) to continue the story line
  • old loot that PT didn’t pick up was present, but the old box is now fresh, together with the loot from the old box
  • PT’s wolf and sabertooth are also active, but not present in his gaming ‘session’. (known issue, I’ve recently searched for it).

I managed to replicate the known ‘zone completion’ bug in this video:

but what I don’t get why the minions spawn failure wasn’t fixed in previous patches (I’ve seen one report dated April 2020).

Nice loot pinata for the zone completion bug, but the minion build error can possibly drive players for a refund or negative feedbacks on community forums and such.

I am writing that because I play alot of PoE and if I transition to other a-rpg games, I’m always trying minion or totem builds first.

P.S. Ye, I have a girlish voice, do I care? :smiley:

Minions not spawning near a portal is intentional as to not get people killed. When you portal away from a scene it is completely deleted. We take some notes to allow you to kinda return to it but in reality is a whole new world.

Couldn’t resist the Aladdin reference.

This whole system will be completely changed. We have a plan for it, it’s in development. It’s not ready yet.

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Is that any particular “Alain”, or do you want me to bust out a rendition of “A whole new world”?

and that’s what happens when I’m replying on my phone while just waking up.

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And if you lived in a sensible timezone that wouldn’t be a problem.

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