Loot Bug

Apologies in advance if this has already been reported.

I can see loot on the ground, but the tooltip for it will not appear and therefor can’t pick it up. I’ve tried toggling tooltips on and off - no good.

As you can see on my screenshot, I am not using a loot filter and there is a shield on the ground, it’s glowing yellow so I’m assuming it’s rare but i cannot pick it up cause it’s not showing the tooltip. This was happening last patch as well.



I am having a similar but not identical problem. I am using a loot filter and sometimes I get an item that should be visible but instead shows an empty description box (grey) background. If I loot the item and then drop it to the ground it shows up with the expected loot filter color. In the attached screenshot you can see the grey background box next to the monolith chest and the item description from my mouseover.

Edit: This is a bit anecdotal but it seems that only filtered items that would be Emphasized are affected, which is unfortunate given that the point of emphasizing is, you know, to emphasize :slight_smile:

Have had this happen twice to me. Not sure what causes it as it seems to be random.

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