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Loot bug

As you can see on this pic there are unique items shown but there was no hint that there are any items around. Later I noticed that no more loot was dropping. The only thing dropping was gold. Even with x (deactivating the loot filter) did not show any items. The bug started after touching a shrine dropping affixes where nothing was dropped.

Did you hit Z by mistake? It turns off the item ground labels.

Can not be. The stuff was not lootable at all. The stuff was there but clicking on it did not
doing anything. Only relogging fixed the issue.

Ok that is odd. If hitting Z the item pickup is disabled as well. Looks like a bug for me.

You cant pick up an item if you can’t click on it.

But then the button should be renamed. There is no hint that disabling the text markers will disable the pick up too.

Unless I’m misremembering, every time you pick up an item you do so by clicking on the item nameplate, not it 3d object on the ground.

But it is still confusing. Because you can not clickloot on the stuff on the floor.